Rails and Stations

Hi, it's your new free game Rails and Stations! In this game at Abcya free to play, you can find your general surroundings, mine assets and items and construct railways. Gather wood, iron, sand, ytdanm? power and watermelons to offer them to the stations and get cash. Chop down trees and dig iron to exchange for rails for the railroad. At Abcya boy games, you'll have the option to employ aides to accelerate asset gathering. Purchase explosive to make room for the trains. Grow your island to investigate it and track down new assets. Sell everything at various stations. We wish you a pleasant time with this intriguing game.

You mine resources to trade for the money you need to open the map. The further you advance, the more difficult resources you have to mine.

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You have some control over the little man on the console utilizing the bolt keys, or utilize the mouse. Press the right button and don't give up and the man will run behind the cursor. Assets are removed naturally when you go to them. On the off chance that you play on the console, to enter work vehicle mode or other mode, utilize the Enter key.