Family Farm

Welcome to Family Farm! Develop your homestead by planting and developing harvests. Initially, you want to have an accessible plot to plant. Get it with your cash. Then, at that point, open the shop to purchase a seed and plant it on the plot. Reap the benefit once the creation time is done. You can offer a harvest to establish another. You can likewise update the yields to expand their usefulness. Partake in the game and how about we become a bonafide rancher!

Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun with them. If you are ready, you can play some other games similar to Christmas Cars Find the Bells.


Click the "shovel" button and choose a plot to buy it.

Click the "dollar sign" button to sell crops.

Click the "leaf" button to upgrade productivity.

Buy seeds and special items in the shop.

Click the crops once the production time is finished to collect golds.

Click the "gift" button to visit the lucky wheel where you can spin to win prizes.