Action games

We have all the most exciting action game types waiting for you at abcdya game. Defeat your opponents in all sorts of crazy fights, from martial arts tournaments to street brawls, from war games to military combat missions. Whether you are allowed to use weapons or just bare hands, these games have lethal violence. Can you protect yourself against attackers while hitting back with hits in time? To act in the best way, you need to plan clearly or learn from the first moves. Certainly, every player must complete a challenge with the combat skills they already have or learn through play. Do not be afraid to share difficulties with other players to find the best way to escape.

Martial arts games have always been a popular genre since the time of arcade fighting games. In these games, you can challenge yourself with all kinds of martial arts from around the world. Try to defeat the opponent within your boxing at our matches. In another self-defense game, you will have to use kungfu or karate moves to subdue the warriors. What do you think about being an agile ninja? Take the sword and show us your skills when removing all enemies, who give you toughness! Upgrade and become an invincible fighting machine!

If you want to fight with weapons rather than with your fists, gather your soldiers at one of our many military-themed fighting games. Lead your army into battle and fight enemy forces. Upgrade the equipment available to the army and lead your people to victory. Whether you are fighting a monster wave, showing your abilities and fighting spirit in a judo match or winning a battle against monsters, abc ya games all have good online fighting games. Best for you! Get ready for any battle like Bat Hero: Immortal Legend Crime Fighter!