Knock Em All

A realistic physics system is included in every aspect of the basic gameplay and content of the addicting game Knock'em All to keep players captivated. Players must properly complete every objective in practically every stage while taking out every approaching dummy target. In addition, the visuals and many other aspects are of high quality and humorously written so that players may experience times of suspense and suffocation. The goal is to fire the dummies until they are defeated, at which point you must hurl them down the abyss. Will you succeed?

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How to play: 

- Win: The dummies can be killed by a headshot directly, by being thrown out of the building (shoot on the body), by bombs on the ground, or by lightning (shoot on the body or head). If the player succeeds in killing all the dummies, they will then be able to reach the last stage.

- Loss: The player gets captured by dummies after failing to shoot all of them.