Crowd Lumberjack

In this fun underload tycoon, cut the meat trees as well as receive wood to build a house on an island! Grab your axe and set out to discover the world! Add new told from the perspective to your community team that helped build amazing structures. Run with the crowd and fell trees. I'm exploring a vast universe. Make wonderful cities and explore new atolls! Ready! Set! Chop and construct! Become a real leader who is followed by the greatest number people on this island.

Joins the rest of the foresters on the island. Limit the power of your units. Increase crowd speed. You can build a city faster if there are a lot of woodcutters. Join Lumberjack at Abcya com online, like some of the other 3D stickman games, can be played with just one finger! It has a super simple control and is fast paced due to of auto chop and building process. Choose your device, launch the game, fell trees, boost your audience, and construct cool structures!

The game is very fun and helps players relax. Get ready to play some more games like Ninja Gravity. More fun!


Swipe across the screen or use WASD to move Cut trees and build!