What sound is this?

For children, this is a fun and engaging listening and attention game in which they must guess the animal sounds. It includes 20 colorful animal images and sounds that children can easily identify. Domestic animals such as a cat and a dog appear in the game, as do farm animals such as a pig, cow, and hen, as well as wild animals such as a wolf, lion, and snake. 

To win the game What sound is this? at Abcya com free, you must correctly identify all of the animals. It's game over if you get the answer wrong three times in a row. This auditory game is intended to help children improve their focus and listening skills, as well as to train them to memorize different types of animals with the correct sounds. Enjoy!

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. You will love it. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Protect Emojis.


Click to listen and select which animal the sound is.