Protect Emojis

The emojis require protection in one of the best new puzzle games with drawing online that we are currently offering for free on our website, a game in which you can as well play on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, so try it out for a really fun time wherever you are!

A tunnel will appear somewhere near the top of the screen, along with one or more emojis. Create a barrier by drawing points and circles all around the emojis with the mouse. Make it as tight and secure as possible, because the tunnel will then shoot balls from it, and if they hit the emojis, you will lose. You win if it doesn't.

Try to get 3 out of 3 stars on each level at Abcya com unblocked online, no matter how difficult the later stages become, because we believe that all of the kids and adults who play games on our website are always up for a challenge!

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Touch and drag to draw a line.