Battboy Adventure 2

Play as Battboy as you navigate eight action-packed levels filled with adversaries and obstacles. Grab onto platforms with your grappling gun, defeat Enemis with a boomerang, and attempt to collect all three stars on each more difficult level. You won't want to quit playing until you've completed it all! Watch an advertisement to receive an additional life for every level, then pick up where you left off to continue. Three languages are available for you to choose from: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
You do not have to experience this challenge alone when you share it with your friends. Invite your friends to join you right now in the game so you can train yourself to memorize well. Further fun on a few other similar game genres like Noob Bridge Challenge and Robot Ring Fighting.

How to play: For computer devices, use the WASD keys to move, the "J" key to throw a boomerang, and the "K" key to fire a grappling hook. Use the buttons on the screen to complete each task on a mobile device.