Halloween Chibi Couple

Dress-up is popular throughout the month of October, which is why games like Halloween Chibi Couple are added to Abcya com, where you consider taking a cute and narrow anime girl and one boy, who form a few of, and help them get a new look but rather outfit for Halloween, the winter vacation they have been trying to look forward to all year!

In the first stage, you can wear foundation to the girl and used cosmetics of various shapes and colours, keep changing her facial features, including her eyes, and choose a hairstyle. Scroll to mix and match tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, full body suits, but instead accessories to make the ideal costume for her.

Finally, repeat the procedure for the boy, because this is an power couple who wears a dress together to stay next to each other, and we're confident that with your additional help, they'll be essentially invincible!

This is a great opportunity for you to share this game with your friends. And you can invite them to some other games like Weightlifting Beauty