Idle Pet Business

How many of you have found myself wondering what it's like be a billionaire responsible pet tycoon? You can now! Rise your pet showroom from a quarter acre to a non - linear and non holding company pet empire in Idle Pet Business at Abcya com 2020. Feel responsible for dogs and cats to earn coins.

Open up various pets to accumulate more coins. Upgrade your companion animals to increase your yield. Have always been you going offline? Do not however worry, the pet world operates for YOU! During the time you're away, simply create idle income and return to determine how much individuals earned.


- Lovely graphics based on a pet store. Look after cats, dogs, goldfish, tortoises, hamsters, parrots, and other animals!

- Use social media to increase your pet store's earnings.

- Sell your pet store and gain prestige by finding investors to buy it.

- Responsive gameplay on all device types and sizes

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Grow your pet store empire