Bird Sort Puzzle

The newest free sorting puzzle game, Bird Sort Puzzle, features a fresh visual style and a variety of vibrant birds. You will undoubtedly have fun while exercising your brain with Bird Sort. Your brain is stimulated in a pleasant and difficult way by playing this sorting game. All ages may play it and one finger control makes it simple to use. By completing novel stages and opening up fresh difficulties, you may test your Intelligence. Enjoy really enjoyable difficulties and fantastic brain teasers by playing Bird Sort right now for free!

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Instruction to play:

 Touch the bird to make it move, then touch the branch it should land on. The restriction is that the birds can only be moved if they are of the same hue and there is room on the tree limb.
- Try to avoid becoming trapped. If you get stuck, you can always restart the level by using the restart button or just walk back a step at a time using the back button.