Fish & Trip Online

Have a good time with just this new casual game. Fish & Trip Online is a casual version of the game in which you control a small valiant fish looking for food and making new acquaintances. Can you assist the incredibly brave character? Try everything and have fun!

A brave little fish opted to dive to the deepest part of the sea in seeking out new species friends. He will take part on an adventure fraught with peril. Collect as many seedlings as you can, guide having a good new friends around the ocean, and maintain an eye out for predators. and indeed the perilous sea creatures!

-The goal of the game is to control the character and improve your score with each attempt; with the coins collected, you can unlock new skins.

-Raise your score and collect coins to gain access to new skins.

-Games are available for PC, tablets, and smartphones.

-An entertaining multi-level casual game

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On PC: Use the mouse to move the character

On Mobile: Touch the screen and slide to move the character