Blondy in Pink

Meet everyone's favorite - Blondy! She is a real fashionista and a very sweet girl. And, like all girls, Blondy loves pink! Let's spend one day with this adorable blonde. First, let's devote a few minutes to facial treatment. We need to apply cream, get rid of acne and dark circles under the eyes. Then we will choose bright stylish makeup for Blondy with all kinds of shades of pink.

After the make-up is the turn of the great hairstyle and sparkly jewelry. Finally, choose from a variety of sparkling, colorful outfits for our girl. Don't forget to complement your clothes with fashionable accessories. Now at Abcya online 2021, take your pet with you and go for a walk with the Blondy.

In addition, we also provide a variety of games similar to The Celebrity Way of life. Invite friends to play with you and make many good memories during this time.