Ninja vs Zombies

Ninja vs Zombies is an exciting platformer which is playable on Abcya com. Fight your way through difficult environments filled with zombie hordes and dangerous traps deadly not only to ninja but also to zombies (giant saw blades, fire, acid, explosive barrels, spikes, spears, rolling stones...). To defeat zombies, use throwing ninja knives and sword combo attacks. Be quick or you'll be eaten by zombies!

Epic stickman battles and massive zombie assaults! Parkour moves are awesome: you can climb platforms and hang from high places! Amazing melee fighting combos! Many platformer levels and waves to overcome! Many weapons and strategies to eliminate all zombies! Survive the end-of-the-world!

Simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. Everything is perfect for you so you can experience it. What are you waiting for? If you love this game, you can play some more games like Prison Rush.


Move through chaotic hostile levels with ninja skill, avoiding thunder hits and explosions. Evade traps with precision and timing. Gather various power-ups (shield. thunder, knives, coins, health).