Noob Button 2

Who may have guessed that the Noob Button game would recover with a sequel? We surely did, because we know how much users prefer playing idle games online here, and that must be even more so when it comes to Minecraft Games with Noob, which is now more popular than ever, and if you liked the first one, this will be a blast there too, but even if you didn't play the first one, make certain that you provide this one a try!

At Abcya free games 2022, begin with Hello World and then progress to the following chapters: Neither, The End?, ROBBERS, New Forest, Clouds, and Home.

The more you press a button, the more lines of conversations appear at the top, and this way you progress through such a story, so if you actually finish all of the levels and chapters, you will discover this same entire new story of the Noob button, that we are comfortable knowing you will enjoy! Begin right away!

It's a chance to get a hand on the free world filled with amazing adventure games like Noob vs Pro vs Stickman Jailbreak after having played this one, so don't hesitate anymore! 


Use the mouse to play this game.