Robot Evolution

an action-platformer with pixel art that takes place in a cave with electricity. Each level will present challenges for you as the main character as you engage in combat with numerous robots and basic riddles. You may utilize a variety of weapons to defeat adversaries, and you can improve them by gathering gears that you find in boxes along the route. To go on to the next level of the game, you must find the generator and destroy it. You will face a variety of traps, obstacles, and adversaries on each level, but your skills and talents will allow you to complete all the objectives. You must defeat bosses in some game levels if you want to go on. The scientist you saved at the game's beginning will explain the various game principles to you and assist you in figuring out how to get around some of the challenges.

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Controls: The game's controls are rather basic and it is made for mobile devices. There are just buttons to use to sprint, leap, and kick.