Punch Bob

Boooob, punch! inhabits in the background of the picture, attempting to breach the 500-pound road block. Though he may not sometimes seem to be a hero, may be a few pounds overweight, may be out of breath simply standing in his corner... But underground within his large object beats the heart of a true warrior! You might be wondering what his rocket launcher is. He won't need munitions or other weapons. It was sufficient for him to leap on his opponent in the face team, and the fight is over. As little more than a result, it is now your part of the role to correctly guide him.

Continue to attack every single targets using as few shots as you can at Abcya com because this is the way you receive coins, which you can then utilize to buy new skins, and make absolutely sure to advancement between one level to the next. Have a great time!

Not only boys but girls also can take part in this fun game! Other games with the same genre are available exclusively for you such as Skateboard Challenge


Hold tap to aim your jump, fireball or bomb.