Bare Ball

Bare Ball is free online game. In the game at Abcya 2020, you will obliterate the block facades that are at the highest point of the screen. The principal destroyer will be a smaller than expected legend who hauls a little stage over his head. She wants to drive back a weighty stone ball, which, when deflected, ought to annihilate blocks. You will utilize the bolt keys to move the legend with the stage to the right or left to discover the ball tumbling down. Assuming that you miss even once, the Bare Ball game will be finished. The principles are severe, so be cautious and apt. Try not to allow the ball to lose its foundation in Bare Ball. Much fun!

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There is two control mode ( Three on PC* ) that you can select on control settings. 1. "Full Touch Control" that you can use touch or click everywhere to move (Half & Half) 2. "Button Control" that you must touch or click two control buttons which is bottom corners of the screen *Keyboard arrow keys are always active to move left/right