10x10 fill the grid !

Are you prepared to play the world's most addictive as well as challenging game? 10x10 is an excellent game in which you have to fill a 10x10 grid with puzzle blocks to construct lines and destroy them! It's simple and entertaining, but it involves you to use your brain. Simply fill a grid with shapes to continue making a line. Are you ready to commence playing?

On the screen in front of you you will see a ten-by-ten playing field divided into cells. A panel will just be visible just underneath the playing surface, and on a signal, objects with various geometrical will begin to appear. All of these particles will be made up of identical cubes.

You can drag one another to the playing field but rather place them wherever you want with the mouse. Make an effort to fill all of the cells horizontally with cubes. When this starts to happen, the group of cubes that formed this line will vanish from the playing field, and you will be rewarded with points in the game 10x10 Fill The  Grid at Abcya 2020. Score as many points as you're able to with in time allotted to finish the level.

Let's invite your friends to start right now into the game to collect for themselves new useful things that the game brings. Do not hesitate, allow you to try some other game genres such as Donut Stack