Color Balls

Color Balls is a shooter puzzle game. You want to shoot on hued balls that approaching from the highest point of the game screen. There will be various balls in the upward moves with various tones. Each ball should be shoot by slugs with same tone as the ball. On the base on the screen there is lines with colors as balls. You really want to tap on the base hued lines to shot slug with shading as line.

So at Abcya games, you can annihilate white ball just with white slug and so forth Assuming that you shoot with wrong shading slugs you will lose lives. You have five lives to play at this game. As you progress in the game the game will be quicker and you really want to shoot quicker. Attempt this game is it intriguing and fun.

Enjoy the fun with friends and play simple, flexible games. If you love it, you can play some more games like On the edge


Tap on screen to play this game.