Red and Blue Stickman 2

In The Forest Temple, a captivating platform puzzle game, you must coordinate the movement of two figures. Control both monsters simultaneously while pressing the buttons to move the pedestal, push the box, and gather diamonds to reach the jungle temple's exit?s door? Forest Temple labyrinth is the finest labyrinth game, cooperative game, and adventure game ever made for Red and Blue Stick! Playing it with your kids or friends is addicting and a lot of fun. Enjoy your time with Ice girl and Lava dude!
The gameplay is simple, everything is done in a very realistic way. You will find it very relaxing while playing. Let's go through many levels and see how strong you are. Let's play together and feel great! Do you want to try other games, why not try some other games similar to Polypuzzle, Text Talk.

Games control: Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play.