Text Talk

Play everyone's favorite crossword puzzle and exercise your mental power at the same time! You are a guest star on the show TEXT TALK! Find as many words as you can with the few letters provided to finish the crossword puzzle. This text-based word game is excellent for stimulating your mind. Numerous word puzzles mix crosswords, anagrams, word searches, and jumble games.

You'll like Text Talk if you like playing word connect and word discover games. More than 200 levels! The puzzles start off simple but quickly get difficult, so show off your book smarts by discovering bonus words in addition to the puzzle words! Earn free coins and spend them for suggestions if you run into trouble. No Time Limits, No Pressure. Earn free coins.

Spend your time playing and you can explore other cool features of this game. Besides, if you want to deal with new challenges, Mini Push  and Merge Items are for you.