Zombie Mayhem Online

Join in the game Zombie Mayhem Online at Abcya 2020. You're on a murderous rampage. There are far too many walking undead. Can you help? Can you eliminate them all? When you kill a zombie, you will receive a set number of coins. These coins can be used to purchase new weapons. * Three maps with ten levels each

* Six different weapons

* Over 20 different zombies

* Dismemberment System for Zombies

* Bloody

You can join many similar games with this game like The Zombie Dude. Share the most interesting game moments.


Use the WASD to walk around

Mouse to Look around

Left Mouse Button to Fire

Right Mouse Button to Aim

Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons

G for Grenades

R to Reload Left

Shift to Run Left

CTRL to Crouch

X to Prone

V to Melee

Space to Jump