Princes of Light

Princes of Light is an extremely fun community game which is playable on Abcya 2020. The goal is to track down the circles and assuming they impact so the entryway is available to continue, many difficulties look for you inside the palace. The game is fit to be distributed on your site. Simply take the html5 records and transfer them to your server. This is extremely straightforward!

Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun with them. If you are ready, you can play some other games similar to Trapped In Hell: Murder House.


Single player: Use arrow keys to move / C – Jump / X – Attack / Z - Exchange Co-op

Player 1: Use AD to move / B – Attack / V – Jump Co-op

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move / nub 3 – Attack / nub 2 – Jump