Hero 5 Katana Slice

You guaranteed your family that the conflict was finished. However, the actual conflict has come to your doorstep. An adjoining family chose to grow their assets and assume control over your old neighborhood. You must choose between limited options. Your family is in harm's way. Take your tribal katana in your grasp. Rout all adversaries that compromise your family. Strike foe samurai and slice their bodies. Pulverize reinforced foes by removing their heads. Make a long-range toss at ninjas who stow away on housetops and toss shurikens. Save your country!


- Dismemberment of enemies

- Realistic physics

- The atmosphere of medieval Japan

- Addictive gameplay

- Unique enemies

- Nice graphics

- Convenient management

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Left mouse button (hold) - Katana attack Right Mouse Button + Aim on Enemy - Throw on Target Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Space (Hold) - Jump Shift - Run