Crime Moto Racer

Welcome to Crime Moto Racer, that was added to Abcya com because we know that however much you enjoy playing motorbikes driving players in 3D, and when it comes to this form factor, well, any of them, we ensure that we offer you the best, and this one is obviously hitting all the grades we would want from such a game, and you're about to have guaranteed fun!

You could even play on a single or multiple two-way road, while the latter is more difficult due to oncoming traffic, as well as also play in Time Trial mode, where you endeavor to finish each course before the funds run out. For the first two, you have an endless bike path to drive on until you road accident, at which moment in time you lose.

You can indeed change the weather for something like the tracks: Sunny, Night, and Rainy. Use the ARROW or WASD keys to drive, and avoid hitting traffic as much as feasible while maintaining high speeds and continuing on, because the further you go, the more income you earn. You can employ the cash to purchase upgrades or brand new bikes from either the garage/shop.

The latest list of games is constantly updated and shared for players in their free time. Don't forget to explore your special world today. We also suggest other similar games you can't miss such as OffRoad Forest Racing


Select the desired mode, track and go, gain as much speed as possible and be fast but careful on the road! Control: WASD - moto control, spacebar - brake, left shift - nitro (only some motorcycles), G - signal, C - change camera.