Just Tower Jump?

Could perhaps you discover all of the hidden treasures in the icy tower? Jump to the right, swoop to the left, the icy tower is falling to pieces, don't slip down off! Achieve and maintain Highest speed Fame You will now be able to upgrade your building to the maximum level but rather discover what is prepared for the most royal ones because of the integrated prestige meter. LEVEL UP AND COMPLETE STUNTS Try to accomplish only some stunts to earn many cool incentives and help you get to the highest character level! The tower is standing by. Can become started! The Icy Tower at Abcya free com games is having to stand by.

Start exploring This same Wintery Building The castle comprises additional secrets and easter eggs to be discovered. On your way up, you'll encounter many different platform sorts and power-ups... find out (where) for yourself! REACH MAX PRESTIGE BY Collection and processing AND Modernizing You will be able to upgrade your tower to the maximum level and discover what is prepared for the most royal ones because of the built-in prestige meter. Extent Up And Do things Pranks Sensor Combination.

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Use keyboard keys A and D to control character. You can also click on the screen to move